The First in China | Bynav Alice GNSS SOC Awarded ISO 26262 ASIL B Functional Safety Product Certification

by Bynav

On September 20th, 2023, TÜV Rheinland hosted the 3rd Annual Functional Safety and Cybersecurity Technology Summit in Shanghai.


The First ISO 26262 ASIL B Functional Safety Product Certification of High-Precision Positioning SOC in China Emerges.


During the summit, Bynav was officially awarded the first ASIL B Functional Safety Product Certification with ISO 26262 for High-Precision Positioning GNSS SOC in China. This certification has made a significant milestone, signifying that Alice, high-precision positioning GNSS SOC developed by Bynav independently, can meet global functional safety standards and also be applied across various scenarios within the automotive industry.



Dr. Zheng Bin, CTO from Bynav, was invited to make a keynote speech at the summit about "High-Precision Positioning GNSS SOC Functional Safety Design."


Dr. Zheng emphasized the paramount importance of safety for commercial and passenger vehicles. In the event that the positioning system provides erroneous location information during vehicle operation, it could lead to incorrect control decisions, such as emergency braking or abnormal steering, potentially causing  accidents that endanger drivers and pedestrians. Therefore, the functional safety in high-precision positioning for autonomous driving systems is indispensable.



Bynav's Alice High-precision Positioning GNSS SOC  leverages Bynav's extensive experience in large-scale automotive applications and incorporates direct feedback gained from collaborative development with OEMs. Additionally, the development process received guidance from functional safety experts at TÜV Rheinland, leading to the establishment of a systematic functional safety architecture for the Alice SOC, covering Measurement Engine, Navigation Engine, and Safety Engine.


▲Alice’s Functional Safety Design: Architecture


Bynav’s High-precision Positioning Module, M2, developed based on the Alice, has demonstrated outstanding performance in practical tests. It excelled in performance metrics closely related to functional safety, such as Data Integrity, Satellite Reception, Positioning Stability, Accuracy, as well as Anti-jamming and Anti-spoofing capabilities, surpassing similar-grade competitors.


Dr. Zheng specifically pointed out that precautions against GNSS spoofing and jamming security risks are explicitly mentioned in standards such as R155, BS EN 16803: 2020 series, and ISO/SAE21434. In particular, according to European Union regulations, all new vehicle models must comply with these regulatory standards to be sold in the EU market.


▲M2 High-precision Positioning Module's Anti-jamming Performance


In addition, to achieve centimeter-level high-precision positioning in all scenarios, including tunnels, Bynav integrates other sensors, such as VISION, into existing GNSS+IMU integrated navigation systems. This integration forms a high-precision positioning system with GNSS+IMU+VISION multi-sensor fusion. Bynav has made significant progress in this regard and is currently conducting road tests in collaboration with Tier 1 partners.


Bynav has obtained comprehensive certifications in the automotive industry, including ISO 26262 Functional Safety Process and Product Certification, IATF-16949 Quality System Certification, ISO/SAE 21434 Automotive Cybersecurity Management System Certification, AEC-Q series certification, and ASPICE CL2 Capability Assessment. Bynav will continue to lead innovation in the field of automotive high-precision positioning and contributing to the development of the global intelligent automotive industry.

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