Bynav Makes Appearance at CES, Providing "Precision" Assistance to Global AI Robotics

by Bynav

On January 9th at 10 AM Pacific Time, CES 2024, the international consumer electronics exhibition, grandly opened in Las Vegas, USA.



Bynav showcased its series of products integrating Multi-source Fusion high-precision positioning and and its new AI Robotic solution at CES, providing "precision" assistance to global technological innovation.


▲The booth of Bynav


The CES lasted for four days, with more than 4,000 companies from all over the world exhibiting and more than 130,000 attendees.


At this CES, the presence of AI was ubiquitous, seamlessly integrated into various innovative product solutions.  High-precision positioning, as the temporal and spatial benchmark of intelligence, is also increasingly adopted in more innovative solutions.

Bynav presented its latest series of high-precision positioning GNSS SoC, Positioning Modules, Positioning Box, as well as the AI Robotic solution developed based on Multi-source Fusion high-precision positioning technology for intelligent robots, among others.


▲ Bynav's new product:AI Robot Control Unit


Bynav 's products have been widely used in various fields such as smart vehicles, autonomous driving, robotics, drones, surveying and mapping, and other industry markets. 


As AI and intelligence continue to drive product innovation across industries, high-precision positioning will be increasingly adopted in a growing number of innovative solutions. Bynav Technology aims to use Multi-source Fusion high-precision positioning as a cornerstone to provide "precision" assistance to for global innovators.


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